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Do you find yourself compulsively eating, restricting your food intake or going back and forth on yo-yo diets?  Specialist support is available to improve your thoughts and feelings about your body, and your relationship with food.


A happier person


Have you been finding it difficult to manage your emotions? Perhaps your mood has been low and you can not find a way out?  Therapy can help with depression anxiety, low self-esteem and a range of other emotional issues.
Couples Therapy


Are you having constant arguments with your partner?  Is it hard to trust again? You may be struggling with making a decision on whether to separate or stay together? Couples Therapy offers you space to come to a solution that is right for you.

Saundra Rhoden

Saundra Rhoden


I am a qualified Counsellor and I am experienced in working with individuals and couples.  I have a Social Work background with experience of working with adults with emotional and mental health difficulties.
I have specialist knowledge of working with Eating Disorders, having learned strategies to support recovery. I also have experience of working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse.
My approach is Gestalt, which is a dynamic and holistic way of working.  I am also influenced by Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic approaches.
My main aim is to support you towards self discovery,  so that you can begin to go beyond existing and towards thriving.



I offer a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation so that we can get a feel for whether we are the ‘right fit’ for each other. Thereafter my fees are:

  • £55 per 50-minute sessions via secure online  (Zoom / Skype)
  • £65 per 50-minute session for individuals
  • £85 per 50-minute session for couples

Some concessions may be offered, during daytime hours, to those on a low income. When we meet,  we can discuss how I  can support you to access therapy that is affordable for you.


Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice are charged in full. There is no charge for sessions cancelled prior to the 48-hour deadline.

Located in Waterloo


Location:  Chandlery Cottage, 50 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7QY


Contact Saundra Rhoden to arrange an initial session to discuss your needs in more detail.

Telephone 07477 931 868     Email: Saundra@therapyinprogress.co.uk or complete the contact form below.

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